EnCert Limited work in conjunction with local search providers to provide a professional, accurate Home Information Pack available to be viewed online in your corporate logos within two to five days. If you would like to discuss our fees and volume discounts please feel free to Contact Us

Components of a HIP

Standard HIP- Index, Property Information Questionnaire, Energy Performance Certificate, Evidence of title, Information on the lease (leasehold), standard searches, official water searches.

We can provide an Interim HIP (which includes Index, Sales Statement, PIQ, EPC, and Evidence of Title) within two days assuming access to the property in unhindered and the PIQ is completed quickly. This allows the property to enter the market as soon as possible.

Legal requirements

You could face a penalty notice of £200 if you do not comply with the Home Information Pack regulations. The duties imposed by the regulations will be enforced by local authority Trading Standards Officers under a civil sanctions regime. They will usually provide advice and warnings in the first instance but will have the power to issue penalty notices where they believe it is appropriate. Trading Standards Officers must notify also the Office of Fair Trading when a penalty charge notice is issued to an estate agent and this could result in a banning order for the agent in question and a £500 penalty notice.
Benefit of a HIP

To the consumer:

The Home Information Pack ensures that important information about a property is available to buyers and sellers early in the home buying and selling process, drawing attention to any problems before they delay the transaction or, possibly, cause it to fail. In combination with other government initiatives as well as market-led innovation, HIPs will act as a catalyst for reform, leading to a home buying selling process that is:
  • More transparent - giving consumers a clearer, up-front picture of what they are buying and/or selling;
  • Quicker - with reduced transaction times
  • More certain - with a reduction in the number of transactions that fall through between offer and exchange
  • More efficient - with a reduction in abortive costs to both consumers and estate agents
  • Smoother - the above reforms add up to a process that is less stressful and less confusing for consumers.

To the industry:

Improving the process of buying and selling by reducing the number of transaction failures and reducing the time taken between offer and acceptance A step on the ladder for new generations of home owners - through more affordable entry costs and a simpler process for first time buyers.


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